Marc Ooms -

Marc Ooms -

Marc Ooms - His Early Career

Experiencing an establishment in complete functionality from a truly early age may well have impacted Marc Ooms ( 's future. At one time in his professional life, Marc Ooms received a managerial role with a well-known investment business. At another time, he became General Partner at what was one of the biggest private brokers in Belgium at the time. Some years ago, he was among the first to become connected with research that explored the functionality of the stock trade in Brussels.

The Bright Future of The Fruit Farm group

Marc Ooms and many other stakeholders are confirming the future of the company with sustainability in the long-term. It would appear that he has a rather bright, active and rewarding future with The Fruit Farm Group. Shareholders like Marc Ooms are endeavouring to empower the neighbourhoods they work closely with as they proceed to broaden the establishment. Social dedication and long-term sustainability are extremely important to the business's plans.

Marc Ooms - The Fruit Farm Group

It is certain that Marc Ooms has had a rather constructive influence on The Fruit Farm Group for the duration of his work with them. The firm has built a position in six individual countries which cover three continents. Marc Ooms, along with The Fruit Farm Company, make an effort to make use of local growers and farmers to offer the superb level of the products they present to worldwide customers and clients.

Marc Ooms's Education

Marc Ooms studied towards his bachelor's degree at the VLEKHO Business School in Brussels from the year 1970 to 1974. The name 'Heilig-Hartcollege' (which translates to 'Sacred Heart College'), is motivated by a remarkable building of Christian worship that sits close by, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Above his scholarly education, Marc Ooms has learnt a lot from practical, real-life experiences.

Inside the years 2003 and 2011, he accepted a position as the board of directors Chairman with the Kaaithater arts center. Marc Ooms is a frequent visitor of many art fairs and galleries. He observes, loves and values numerous distinctive kinds of art for a hobby. Marc Ooms keeps a careful attention on the current art trade to continue to be educated with regards to the most recent art.

The business has matured greatly in size, with approximately 8,200 professionals spanning across 26 unique countries. At Greenyard Foods, Marc Ooms is involved with an organisation that has a clientele which features a great deal of the chief supermarket chains and retailers on the planet. He became associated in the year 2011 by becoming an efficient and seasoned Member of the Board. Greenyard Foods started out nearly 50 years ago (before Marc Ooms joined) as a really simple company.


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